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Ron Glass, born July 10, 1945 in Evansville, Indiana, USA, was a prolific TV actor. Ron was a practising Buddhist, although he played a Christian "Shepherd" on Firefly. He was active 1973 and starred in the the series Barney Miller, The New Odd Couple, Rhythm and Blues, Mr. He also appeared in the films Deep Space (1988), Unbowed (1999) and Lakeview Terrace (2008). show runner Joss Whedon on the series Firefly and the follow-up film Serenity (2005) where he starred as Shepherd Derrial Book.But has anybody else heard the story about Hemsley gay?I remember one of those tabolids ( Globe I believe ) had a picture of Hemsley with a white male named "Andre" I believe, on its cover talking about the "money troubles" Mr. I remember reading this standing in line at a King Soopers Supermarket here a few years back, ever since then though , little has been said about his private life.I can't go by "I HEARD HE WAS GAY" If he didn't say it then it's false I don't believe what I'm hearing. You people are saying that Sherman's gay, and Veljohnson is gay. It just seems that almost everyone in Hollywood is gay.What's next, are you gonna say that Wilt "the Stilt" Chamerlain was gay too? Hollywood in general has a different code of morality than the rest of society.

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There are even some people with low sex drives who live celibate, when was the last time you say a character like that in a sitcom? If he does have a boyfriend I don't see the need for him to broadcast it so that someone whom he doesn't even know can feel validated. :)Sherman came out on national television that he was gay, and who cares if he is; he should be noted for being a talented actor and not for his sexual preferences. Solomon, it has been a fact that he is gay, and that he is not a shamed to admit that he is a homosexual; the information I saw that he declared that he was gay was on Entertainment Tonight on their Whatever Happen To a few years ago...I came very close to finding out if he was gay when he was on the Joan Rivers Show and she asked him was he married and all he said was No. So i need confirmation to make sure it's not a rumor started by female because he is not married.I am not 100% sure if Sherman is gay or not, but I was told that he came out of the closet on ET a few years back.Anyway she had a chance for a few moments to talk to Isabel, she asked how her tv husband ( Sherman ) is doing now-a-days and she claims that he and his "boyfriend" are doing just fine.Now was she joking about this or was she serious about this , no one really knows.

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