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Sapp also denied using the bathroom in front of Slater and gave his account of the incident.

He told Slater that while on commercial break for a morning show he rushed to use the bathroom and asked Cantor to leave when she was in the only bathroom on set because he had to get back on the air after the break. ”As for the allegations that he showed Cantor nude photos of women on his phone, Sapp explained that Cantor asked him about his model girlfriend, and when she did, he showed her pictures of her wearing bathing suits.

That incident, Sapp said, occurred when he was in a hurry to use the restroom during a commercial break. Little toys for ladies that move around a little bit.

Cantor said in the lawsuit that she was forced to work in the restroom at times during her 10 years at the NFL Network, which ended last year. I showed them pictures and (the makeup artists) said bring me some, so I brought them some for the makeup ladies.” Sapp didn’t say whether Cantor requested the gift.

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He told Slater that if Cantor had one, she must have gotten it from one of the women working in makeup.

So, Sapp’s defense strategy against sexual harassment includes an account that he gave sex toys to three other women he worked with, just not the plaintiff.

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“The Choice” already has a pretty impressive group of single celebrities, Rob Gronkowski, Ndamukong Suh, Pauly D, the Situation, Warren Sapp, Joe Jonas, Rob Kardashian, Dean Cain, Taylor Hicks, and Romeo to name a few.

Then over the course of three rounds, the search is narrowed now until each celebrity is paired with a contestant for a date.

Based on Gronk's offseason whirlwind world tour that featured him with several young ladies I can't imagine he needs help meeting women, but they had better be ready to party.

Sapp didn’t dispute that there was an incident with Cantor in the restroom. Last time I checked, if you ate some asparagus, it might stink." He also said the sex toys he brought in were after a “general conversation” after a couple makeup artists saw the devices in a magazine and it wasn’t “about sex.” “We were sitting there around Christmas time and everybody brought a Christmas gift, a little holiday joy for everybody,” Sapp said.

“I did walk in the bathroom, but I did not urinate in front of her,” Sapp said. “So, my man had made a little novelty thing that looked like mascara, eyeliner and different things.

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