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Confidential counseling and support for individuals with gender identity issues.Knowledge to assess and diagnose GID and write letters of recommendation for hormonal therapy and gender/sexual reassignment surgery. Insurance accepted as full fee, TS support group and professional services.Smith because she was easy to talk to, paid for by my insurance, a much shorter drive and they both had the same treatment plan in mind.

I was her first transitioning client, though she has dealt with a couple of transgendered children as well.

The only downside is that she only works 2 days a week (Tues and Thurs afternoons) and only on Thursdays in the summer..

I work at a Queer Youth Health Clinic called Dimensions with over 30% trans patients and I've been looking at your site for information for years now.

I approach this work with a collaborative style, helping people to actively participate in their therapy experience.

I believe that therapy should be available for everybody.

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