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This seminar provides the first set of estimates from a national large-scale survey of violence against women and men who identified themselves as American Indian or Alaska Native using detailed behaviorally specific questions on psychological aggression, coercive control and entrapment, physical violence, stalking, and sexual violence.These results are expected to raise awareness and understanding of violence experienced by American Indian and Alaska Native people.Campbell brings together research on the neurobiology of trauma and the criminal justice response to sexual assault. D., President and Director Vera Institute of Justice With its criminal justice system in disarray following Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans invited the Vera Institute of Justice to examine the city's court and jail operations.She explains the underlying neurobiology of traumatic events, its emotional and physical manifestation, and how these processes can impact the investigation and prosecution of sexual assaults. For five years, Vera has been tracking arrest-to-first-appearance time, custodial arrests versus summonses, the granting of pretrial release, and many other decision-making points.In this video three internationally-renowned experts from the research and practitioner arenas discuss how community policing can be used to prevent violent extremism and reduce violence within communities.In this seminar, forward-looking figures in the law enforcement community discuss their contributions to the Executive Session on Policing and Public Safety and examine how law enforcement can be improved through the adoption of community-minded policies. D., Bowling Green State University In this seminar, Dr.Louis Research tells us that a relatively small fraction of individuals experience a large proportion of violent victimizations.

They discussed, for example, the kinds of offenders who are now being supervised under HOPE-style programs in Hawaii and on the mainland.They also discussed the important unanswered research questions, such as: the psychological mechanisms that underlie the dramatic behavior changes, the minimum effective sanction, whether sanctions should escalate, and when revocation is appropriate.They also discussed the wider implications for juveniles, alcoholics, pretrial releases and prisoners, as well as the appropriate role of the federal government. D., Professor of Psychology, Michigan State University Dr.Involvement in the criminal justice system provides a unique opportunity to treat drug abuse disorders and related health conditions, thereby improving public health and safety.This presentation highlights the following: 1) the neuro-biology of addiction; 2) evidence-based principles of addiction treatment; and 3) research efforts underway at the National Institute on Drug Abuse to expand knowledge on effectively addressing drug abuse in the criminal justice system. Chandler in which she discusses in three short segments: December 2011 Phillip J.

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