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The containers are grey with green borders, and the floats are dark brown with yellow borders.

Notice how the third and fourth links ouside the floats toggle the Guillotine Bug, and the first two un-toggle it.

Thanks to the efforts of Tony Aslett, creator and operator of csscreator.com, we can now use advanced CSS to "clear" a float container in non-IE browsers and just let IE keep wrongly clearing itself. This does not affect IE/Win which simply keeps enclosing the float as always (assuming the container has a stated dimension), but non-IE browsers will need a substitute for that element. This CSS 2 property allows extra content to be added at the end of an element via the CSS. The content is specified from within the CSS stylesheet, and appears in the page as would a real HTML element that had been inserted following all the normal content of the target element.

The upshot is that we now have the option to avoid adding that pesky clearing element to the HTML markup. Such :after generated content cannot receive some CSS properties, including 'position', 'float', list properties, and table properties.

The W3C suggests placing a "cleared" element last in the container box, which is then recognized by the container height, forcing the container to enclose the float above that cleared element too.

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Instead the float is ignored by the container and will hang down out of the container bottom like a flag.Remember that even if a float appears to stick out of a container, no content will actually be obscured.It just won't look as pretty for those few viewers, that's all.What this does is extend the margin on the top of the cleared box, pushing it down until it "clears" the bottom of the float.In other words, the top margin on the cleared box (no matter what it may have been set to), is increased by the browser, to whatever length is necessary to keep the cleared box below the float.” So in effect, such a cleared box cannot be at the same horizontal level as a preceding float. The image shows how this might look, with a red border representing the container element: to "enclose" a nested float is to place a complete "cleared" element last in the container, which has the effect of 'dragging' the lower edge of the containing box lower than the float.

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