Outlook imap inbox not updating

See the folder owner or your administrator to change your permissions." We also tried this on Win 7 and Win 10, only on Outlook 2016 it does not work, all other versions of Outlook work fine. I went as far as going to the local PC running Outlook, edit the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Softwaresabled setting it to 0 and restarted the computer, and the problem continues. If the installer is complaining about the missing Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime, install it manually from Microsoft Download Link You should also update manually to the latest Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime (Version 10.0.60825) if you have an older version installed, since some COMExceptions have been fixed.Or you can disable this option and let the server schedule the meetings after syncing the meeting.Then you need to disable the invitation mails sent from Outlook.After installing the plugin, a new ribbon called ‘Caldav Synchronizer’ is added in Outlook with 6 menu items.– Synchronize now – Synchronization Profiles – General Options – About – Reports – Status Use the Synchronization Profiles dialog to configure different synchronization profiles.If you want to sync multiple Cal DAV calendars or tasklists into one Outlook folder you can configure an Outlook category for filtering in the .You can choose a category from the dropdown list of all available Outlook categories or enter a new category name.

The category name must not contain any commas or semicolons!You can configure free/busy lookups globally in the outlook options.Select Options/Calendar and there free/busy information and use a free/busy url of your server with placeholder like %Name%, e.g.Beginning with version 2.9.0 the default install location is and the installer remembers the chosen directory for the next updates.Also the install option to install for Everyone instead of the current user is working now for Outlook 2010 and higher, if you want to install the addin for all users on the current machine.

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