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I mean, I seen them just start a scene sometime, and Elvis would be singing. He did with Bill Bixby, you know, we did the country movies with him. So, I go down, join the union, get my extra card and everything. So then, I started cutting up because my backs to the camera. And Elvis is singing, Un dos des remos siempre por siempre. And a lot of the guys thought I was going to Palm Springs, and we really were going to Vegas. And I was told I wasn't to say anything, as Joe Esposito was told. And it didn't bother me, but the rest of the guys really got upset, because they thought they was all going to get to be at the wedding. I'm sorry they did, because it wasn't meant to upset anyone. Q : Could you mention the honeymoon at Palm Springs? He and Priscilla both dressed up in the wedding gown and he in his tuxedo. And in something like that I just stayed out of the way. And they found this place just across the state line down there that was 165 acres. And Elvis bought it so he could have his horses down there. Well, they had some Gertrudis cattle there that came with it. And I know before we left, I got so tickled at Graceland.

Everyone else was shooting their pictures outside this country in different locations and everything. A : Shelley Fabares I think was probably his favorite star. And this is when I'd come back full time after I'd stopped working with Wakely. And then when he was in make-up in the mornings, I would do everything phonetically for him to learn it for the picture. A : Well, I like went down to Warner a couple of times to Pat's house. And so, I knew the girls when they were just babies. Later on, it became a little more modern and everything. James would come out there and sit in, because he was working with Ricky Nelson then. He said, 'Who in the heck is Elvis going to get on guitar, because Scotty doesn't even play anymore? ' A : Well, I knew about it because I was driving the Colonel to Palm Springs. When we got there and everything was set up, I knew I wasn't going to be able to be in the wedding. And there was just room enough for the immediate family and Joe and Marty as best men. He did that for all of his relatives and friends in Memphis who weren't able to attend the wedding breakfast. He's wear a big old jacket, a western jacket and his cowboy hat, you know.

A : Well, at basic training, I didn't see him very much. Q : So, when Elvis went to Germany, you were over there with him too. And Elvis took me over and said, 'Charlie, just watch the paper, and you'll know where I am'. And so, that's how we got together after we got to Germany. And then Joe and I were bunkmates on the way back after we got out of the army. A : Her father allowed it as long as she was brought over there at a certain time and brought home by a certain time. Elvis said, 'Charlie, you and Lamar and Rex go in there and just see what's going on'.

Wen I found out where he was, I went over and renewed my acquaintance. And I think our friendship was a natural friendship, because when we met there at Fort Hood and got on the ship going to Europe, we knew the same people in the gospel field. Q : Tell us about the days of you and Elvis in basic training. ' And I heard Elvis yell, 'Yeah, Charlie, come on up'. A : Yeah, Joe and I began to see each other there around like the Sundays when we was there. And when we got there, we went to see the guy that handled Elvis' music, publicist Freddy Bienstock. So, we come up, and I remember saying, and guy came out and said, 'There's a newspaper reporter, Dorothy Kilgallan'.

And they'd come in, and we'd just order up some more breakfast. Q : Tell us about Elvis' train trip out to Hollywood. Q : Did Elvis tell you what type of film he really wanted to do? And we'd do things in order to shoot firecrackers, something like that. And so it was just a family thing around the table that we'd have. And the Colonel would tell some of his carney stories and have us laughing and everything. And it was more like a family and not like a boys club.

Because all those show girls were coming over there. And Elvis stopped the car and said, 'Lamar, go in and cancel the reservations. But they came up with some great ideas that were used. A : Well, I remember once in 'Charro', which is one of the movies he didn't sing in, and we were back off location, and we were in the studio. But what they were giving him were actually B musicals. Q : Did you have a favorite film to work on with Elvis? I mean, in between Elvis being in a scene or something, again, we'd have water battles. And Patsy, by the way, was Elvis' double first cousin, you know, two brothers married two sisters.

And you go all the way through the building over to that street. Because one of the people that was in the show come over and said, 'Elvis, that soldier, that's not a girl he's with. At the end of that scene, he stood up and he went ha-ha, but you can't hear it. And when he'd say the P in the song, her hair would go... And Norman Taurog, Elvis' favorite director, by the way, just sent them home. and the things we were doing were the things that were break to relax you while you're waiting for them to set up. And not only that, they pushed me of to the thing, and then one of them poured a beer over me. And if you watch that scene, they cut it all to pieces. And like I said, I'd been in front of television before and then if trying to make movies is this easy shoot I was going to have some fun. So, me and Pat Boone could have been brother-in-laws. A : Well, Elvis had taken, and he and Priscilla into riding horses a lot. And there would be a P in the song (Puppet On A String). And they came back the next day and finally got it shot. He loved, like when we did the movie with Frank Sinatra's daughter, Nancy, Elvis was a lot of fun. And that was so much fun, you know, because Bixby said that what he did on 'My Favorite Martian', used to, like as soon as the scenes over, they grabbed their bicycles and just leave the set and get away from it, you know. But if one of the stars touch you, you got 0 that day. And I'm singing like Louis Armstrong, Un dos des remos... But they all were at the wedding breakfast, which I thought was fine, you know. It was just the Colonel doing what he always tried to do with Elvis, and that was keeping something like that, a wedding, from becoming a circus. And then there was the wedding breakfast where the Colonel could control the media. A : Well, we were staying in an Egyptian modern house Elvis was renting at that time. You know, we come back there after the wedding and just hung around there. Because truthfully, I was kind of busy with the Colonel and everything and some of the other guys too. Q : Can you tell us about the Circle G Ranch and how Elvis came to get that? And so the guy that looked after the cattle ended up putting a fence across there between Elvis' trailer and the rest of the farm. He was going along and putting everybodys name on the stall where their horse was. Because Elvis, in the 60's, honest to God, kept Hollywood alive. And Elvis was the only one that wasn't leaving town. Q : What were Elvis' favorite co-stars like Ann-Margret and Shelley Fabares? Which, by the way, he had me go learn it phonetically. A : I remember one time Red West told us about a club out in... You know, like I said, it was in those days the Palomino and out in that area was a very rough area. I used to go out there and sit in sometime and sing or do a comedy. And so, it worked out good, because when Elvis came time for us to go to Vegas and everything, I remember Lamar Fike, he was so serious, man. And he would see that she went to school, which she did. And I don't believe he ever touched her till they were married. Q : So with Priscilla, can you tell us about when they got married? He said, 'I was going to buy Steve a car as a wedding gift. And Alan Fortas who made like kind of foreman of the ranch, he let him and his wife live in that hundred-year-old house that had been restored and everything. A : Well, I don't remember the exact time he said it. Because at that time, we were in the Trousdale Estate house. He said, 'I'd like to tell you that it's nice to see young men that will stay in the army and be in the military for their country'. And then we, of course, went through the hotel there in Beverly Hills. And the Colonel supposedly said, 'Well, these musicals is what's making us money. And Elvis had one of these pumps, you know, that they use to keep the greenery looking good on the set. Every time I'd walk away, he's go pump it up and drown my shirt again. The day I can't have any fun, You won't be working'. Q : Did Elvis and you guys get out some in those days? And the first night we went out there, and we pulled up there, two or three guys come rolling out the front like that, you know. It was a place for them to go relax where they could feel safe too. And just my experience on the road with Jimmy Wakely gave me what I needed to do for Elvis later. And then I'm with Wakely in the Nevada circuit learning pacing, timing and all that which became Elvis' show. I remembered Jimmy Wakely ending his show on a ballad like that, sometimes. Q : Can you tell us about when Priscilla first came? And so the deal was that she would stay with Elvis' parents. And then we got down there, and at first, I know, they had a place over there to keep the horse. And he come back down there and Elvis called me in the room. ' I said, 'On his salary, he can't afford the insurance on that, Elvis'. I wanted to give him a Pontiac or something like that'. And he bought himself a trailer and one for his grandmother. Q : Do you remember Elvis' reaction when he learned he became a father?

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