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MY ASICS supports a variety of smartphones and wearable devices so that you can create a training plan and track your progress in the way that works best for you.For most parents of teenagers constantly glued to their mobile phones, texting is a dirty, and often expensive, word but the activity has netted one girl ,000 (£30,500) and a new phone.Neal's a big fan of racing, so Michaele arranged for him to meet one of his all-time idols, champion driver Mario Andretti - at last month's Indy 500. Neal is now the proud owner of an authentic Andretti racing suit, while Andretti now has his own custom made PRS NS-14 guitar.The icing on this birthday surprise was a chance for Schon to ride-along with Andretti in his Honda "fastest seat in sports" racer.In the end however her addiction reaped its own reward. In between, she finds time to send over 400 texts a day.The purpose of which she explains is to study for exams with friends, which she says is better done by text because she can look back at the messages.

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In the final showdown, Miss Moore outtexted 14-year-old Morgan Dynda after both girls had to text three lengthy phrases without making any mistakes on the required abbreviations, capitalisation or punctuation.In the Mario Andretti Practice you get a taste of racing.Get behind the wheel and drive a full size, Indy-style race car by yourself for a 5 minute racing session on one of the nation’s premier speedways. ———————————————- SALE: 9.99- 9.99 Retail: 9.99 Voted “Most Popular” driving experience at Mario Andretti Racing Experience for a reason.The Checkered Flag experience is guaranteed to be a great experience for race fans.————————————————– SALE: 9.99- 99.99 (Retail: 99.99) For the racing enthusiast!

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