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And you play her something, and she's like 'No, not that, more like this.' And there's this ongoing back and forth, where you're slowly drawing closer to finding this sound that she's chasing.

And it draws you into a place you wouldn't go to yourself, helps you discover new ideas, and develop a new vocabulary.

"Maybe there is that element," Longstreth says, "of having gone on a long journey only to find myself where I started, back home, but with new eyes." The lyrics of Keep Your Name are filled with bitterness and bile, accusations and transmissions from a relationship turned sour.

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"It felt like a form of reflection, and self-reflection, to take your own voice and manipulate or destroy it or tweak it," says Longstreth."The overt technological tweaking is one aspect of the vocal character of the record. I lived with these songs for a long time, sang them a lot before putting them on the record.A melody is like a path, and I took myself down the path a lot."I was ready to relate to music in a different way," he continues, "and to work not just on music with other people, but as a collaborator for other people. Working with all the people that I have, all those things were tremendous for me.Learning to hear music through the ears of people that I'm working with, and also just getting a chance to be a team player, it was really important to me, and to my growth.

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