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By simply interrupting the behavior, you don't gain an understanding of why the behavior is occurring.

A more effective approach is to try to validate the emotion that you think is underlying the behavior.

Smith, Ph D, Mayo Clinic, and Briana Melom, MA, LSW Quick Links: Introduction Using Routines Communicating Effectively Wandering Preventing or Diffusing Aggression Benefits of Exercise Managing Sleep Problems Smoothing the Transition on Moving Day Finding In-Home Caregivers Care for the Caregiver Support Groups - Should I Join One? Most people with dementia undergo behavioral changes during the course of the disease.

As the disease progresses, your loved one's behavior may seem inappropriate, childlike or impulsive.

Although persons with dementia typically lose recent memory skills, habits are a part of a different memory structure in the brain that tends to remain intact longer.

By sticking to the same routine, your loved one doesn't have to stop and think about what to do next. Components of a routine may include eating breakfast before getting dressed, sitting in the same recliner in the living room each morning, attending elder care in the afternoon and taking a bath in the evening.

And, you're in a unique position to customize and refine your loved one's routine so that it includes meaningful activities for as long as possible.

These may include: You can use each one of these activities to reinforce routine and capitalize on your loved one's strengths and interests.

These daily tasks also take advantage of procedural or habit memory.

Although organizing your own day may take little conscious effort, giving structure to the day of a person with dementia may pose special challenges.

Thinking for two takes sensitivity, ingenuity and patience.

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